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HiQ reaches over 2 million downloads;  The Indian Premier League (IPL) plans to expand its 2mm downloads in conjunction with the number of direct prediction questions for cricket.

HiQ reaches over 2 million downloads; The Indian Premier League (IPL) plans to expand its 2mm downloads in conjunction with the number of direct prediction questions for cricket.

Toronto – (Commercial wire) – Fastrive Inc. (“Facebook”) (TSXV: FD), Canadian“ People & Planet-First ”Technology Ecosystem, HiQ App (“Processor”), A site created by Hyride Share Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of FastRive (“Hyride”), A socially responsible peer-to-peer platform offering innovative transportation and communications solutions, Daily Technology Group Inc. (“Number, ”, A white-label, free-to-play game prediction site set up by Super Bowl winner Quarterback Russell Wilson and Jason Leekenan to bring live prediction gaming questions to the spectators of the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket tournament (in the Asian market). ), With an average audience of 32.2m per game in 2019 and 39m in 2020 (Times of India).

Socialization site

HiRide’s HiQ Social App is a socialization platform that invites users to engage in community distance training and promotes interactions based on common interests. The app continues to grow in international popularity and has recently surpassed the major milestone of 2 million downloads. “Communities”, one of its new features that enables users to interact with like-minded users through AI-based methods, has seen tremendous growth over the past 15,000+ active communities. The unique concept of connecting Trivia Games with direct interactions with many communities around the world has made HiQ a premium provider in social gaming and opened the way for meaningful collaboration with global partners such as Daly.


In August 2020, FastDrive concluded a sign and closely concluded agreement with Daly to invest and partner (“Collaboration”) Through various efforts. The partnership signals strong business potential as it connects Faster Drive’s growing presence in global markets with Dolly’s track record, the primary technology solution selected by NFL, NHL and NBA teams to increase audience engagement.

Synergies and Opportunities

“We are delighted to be partnering with the FasDrive team to create a unique cricketing experience for users in India. IPL fans will have the opportunity to test their cricketing knowledge and compete with fans around the world. This is a great opportunity for us to expand into the new Sports League,” said Bradley Vettis, CEO of Daily Technology Group Inc.

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The joint project for the IPL match marks the first milestone of the partnership between Daily and FasterDrive Hyde. In light of the global epidemic, cricket fans in the Asian market have been unable to attend live games. As a result, the parties hope that the clear future of the sports and entertainment industries will be the engagement of camouflage and online fans, and the introduction of direct predictive gaming questions will allow both companies to better engage with spectators during the IPL tournament. Predictive games to play for free before each match will allow fans to guess the outcome of 20+ matches of the IPL match and get the chance to win cash prizes with other users using the global leaderboard.

“We are delighted to be partnering with the Daily Team to bring live gaming quiz questions to IPL matches. This is a great opportunity for us to further penetrate the Asian market and deliver another layer of value to our user base around the world,” said Zion Navaratnam, CEO and Chairman, FastDrive.

“We are excited to launch this partnership with Dolly and bring this fun and innovative product to our user base in Asia. Through this partnership, IPL fans will have an enhanced experience watching the game and the opportunity to compete with cricket fans around the world,” said Akshat Soni, CEO of Hright.

About Facebook

FastDrive is a diversified “people and planet first” technology ecosystem that provides socially responsible services to local communities, with a strong commitment to doing fair, equitable and sustainable business. As part of this commitment, Faster Drive’s vision is to upgrade the company’s current technologies or to fulfill its mandate through a number of verticals that present significant collaborations with existing business lines (“FaceRive Verticals”). FastDrive Verticals also includes its ride-sharing business (“FASTRIVE RIGHTSHER”), Standard e-commerce site (“Facing market”, Food Delivery Service (“Facing foods”), Social media site (“Facing community”) And Its contact-tracking and sustainable health services business (“Facebook Health”). Fasrive Rideshare, the first to offer green transportation solutions in the DOS space, planted thousands of trees, giving users a choice between EVs, hybrids and conventional vehicles. Fastrive Marketplace offers curative businesses created from standard raw materials. FastDrive Foods focuses on healthy foods at the consumer’s doorstep and offers a wide variety of non-contact deliveries. Fast Drive Health creates innovative technological solutions to the most serious health challenges of the day. FaceDrive transforms ride sharing, food delivery, e-commerce and health technology details for everyone. To learn more about Face Drive, visit

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About Daly

The Daly technology platform offers a complete, sophisticated solution that supports the creation and delivery of partner-branded, free-to-play predictive games for sports fans around the world. Technology features a robust game creation and verification tool, mobile first application for fans and a comprehensive analysis portal for partners. Configurable and configurable, Dolly’s modular system implements a wide range of game formats based on the partner’s preferences, is easy to integrate with other applications and is accessible from all types of devices. To learn more about Dolly, visit

Forward looking information

Some of the information in this press release contains forward-looking information. This information is based on the reasonable assumptions and beliefs of the management in light of the information currently available to us and is done as per the release date of this news. The actual results and timing of events may differ materially from what is expected in the forward-looking information as a result of various factors, including the widespread acceptance of fans and the involvement of fastdrive socialization sites, and the future of sports and entertainment industries will depend on gambling and online fan engagement. Forward information about future results, performance, achievements, opportunities or opportunities or our expectations about the markets in which we operate. Statements with perspective information are not facts, but represent management’s expectations, estimates, and predictions regarding future events or situations. Many factors may differ materially from what our actual results, performance level, performance or achievements or future events or improvements are expressed or indicated by forward-looking statements.

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For a discussion of the uncertainties, risks, and assumptions associated with these reports, see “Looking Ahead” and “Risk Factors” in the Fastrive File Report dated August 28, 2019. Readers are asked to carefully consider the uncertainties, risks and assumptions in evaluating perspective information and are warned not to place unnecessary reliability on such information. We have no intention of updating or editing any forward looking report other than the requirement of new information, future events or applicable securities law.

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