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Freddie Spaghetti rotates the switch in the ishop

Freddie Spaghetti rotates the switch in the ishop

Many indie games have some serious creative liberties with the most blatant ideas you would normally see in an AAA game. In this latest Nindi release, Freddie Spaghetti. As the name suggests, this game is all about mastering the art of noodle wiggling when you control an emotionally charged noodle named Freddie. It doesn’t even make sense to read this line back to me, but let’s move on.

Freddie Spaghetti Freddie’s pasta, created by scientist Dr. P. Starr, puts you in broth-shoes. As Freddie, you will conquer this fantastic world around you by running, jumping, slapping, kicking, and slickly tapping the noodle throughout the noodle-style knocking path to success.

Freddie Spaghetti Uses fun physics to help you overcome uniquely designed levels as you progress through the “hilarious and captivating story”.

It’s one thing to read a different game like this, but to see it in action is “Who?” See it for yourself:

In fact, now that I’ve given another watch to this trailer, I’ll walk away with more questions than answers. Why is Freddie running away from the police? Why are heat-seeking missiles coming after him? Why does he smash random people’s cars? Is this pasta piece a man-erm-noodle? How emotional is it to get started? If Freddie can handle a police officer, why does touching a hot stove on earth hurt him? Does he have to be cooked from time to time to stay alive? Like I said, there’s a lot to open here.

Nevertheless, if you think you are ready to take on the mess and madness Freddie Spaghetti, Make sure your hand is straight when you get it on the switch. Well, I’m done now. Freddie Spaghetti Available today at 99 4.99.

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