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Francesca Benevento, Michetti No Vox and Anti-Semitism Candidate - Politics

Francesca Benevento, Michetti No Vox and Anti-Semitism Candidate – Politics

Francesca Benevento

Rome, 13 September 2021 – He officially left Enrico Michetti Gives Francesca Benevento, The candidate in the Capitoline Assembly in Rome did not express anti-Semitism and wax comments on his social networks. After several days of embarrassment following the candidate’s anti-trust and anti-vaccine rhetoric on social media, the road was taken: “He made statements that were inconsistent with Article 12 of the Constitution, which refers to basic human rights. First of all it is clear that we are out, we are getting off the train and it will take us to the Capitol, “he said. The candidate for mayor of Rome is Enrico Michetti on the center right Sky spoke to DG24 about the matter. The case is not against Francesca Benevento, the wax and anti-Semitic candidate. But Michetti: “undetectable”

Benevento is now in danger of withdrawing the logo

The knot to be resolved has removed Benevento from the voter list because after the release this function appears to be practically impossible. “We can’t take it back, but our logo will be removed,” Michetti said, while his staff worked to read it. The ‘technical’ possibility of the hypothesis blocking the candidate If Benevento decides not to use the list icon Automatically withdraw From the election race.

Controversy over far-right candidates

And the “Benevento case” is not something that should be resolved by a professor Controversy has erupted in recent days Even some far-right candidates, such as Benito Mussolini, the city councilor with the tattoo. “It simply came to our notice then Casabond extremists. I am a moderate and whoever applies with me should respect me Basic principles of the Constitution. If there are people on my list who do not comply with this list, they will be excluded. But let’s talk about a person with a fascist tattoo. I could not control everyone’s tattoos, Then they are the candidates of the coalition, I have no chance of interfering “: Mitchetti told Radio Capital.