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Fourspoke and Final Fantasy 16 on the PS5, Square Enix is ​​a true partner of Sony?  -

Fourspoke and Final Fantasy 16 on the PS5, Square Enix is ​​a true partner of Sony? –

Strange Beyond Life: True Colors No complete message emerges from the presentation Square Enix Yesterday afternoon, but at least more can be confirmed Collaborative relationship This characterizes the Japanese publisher and the beginning of this next gen Sony. Project Atiya finally emerged with the title Forcebogan Also, while this is a somewhat mysterious matter, it is a large-scale production for the company and it is sure to be a reality.The console is exclusive to the PS5 Square Enix’s other great product, Final Fantasy 16, says a lot about the current situation. The game “designed for the PS5” (but coming out on the computer) marks an important step into the next gen, with the potential use of the incandescent engine, so it is clear that this is an investment that the company is particularly concerned about. It is closely related to the PS5.

So, we are far from the exclusive storm times of Rise of the Tomb Rider, with numerous angry users using torches and pitchforks to intimidate developers on various social media for the mistake they experienced. At this point the situation is reversed with the various titles exclusively announced on the PS5, and considering the long-standing relationship between Square Enix and Sony, there is a return to tradition in a certain sense. Interestingly, these other exceptions did not trigger the same reactions to the reverse areas in the face, it must be said. However, these are not the only collaborations, considering only the famous case of Spider-Man in the Marvel Avengers PlayStation Edition and exclusive to the Final Fantasy 7 remake, which was recently reaffirmed with the merger announcement for the final Fantasy VII remake: PS5. , Hence the process Compromise It has already been going on for some time between Square and Sony, which is no longer news.

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In the midst of all this, there are unexpected diversions from the Xbox consoles, such as the surprising release of the Octopus Traveler Xbox Game Boss (And a topic with a strangely yet-to-be-announced Japanese soul on PS4 and PS5) and the arrival of authors in Microsoft’s subscription service, but these are initiatives Less sharp Forboken’s exclusive console and, above all, Final Fantasy 16, which is always destined to become a temporary relationship, and later destined to become a multiplatform. It seems to go back to the era, with the right proportions PS1 and PS2, When the relationship between Square and Sony was very strong and a forerunner of the best exclusives. Apparently we are not at that level yet, but it is clear that there is a certain design in particular using the company titles to improve the PS5 list.

Also, being one of the most popular Japanese labels, but it gets better visibility in both Japan than the West, Cooperation can do the dual function of strengthening PlayStation’s dominance in Europe and North America and restarting the PS5 at home, where Sony consoles are in a state of permanent disarray compared to Nintendo’s dominance. All of this is part of Sony’s broader strategy, which we found to be very active at the beginning of this next gen, and we are looking for exclusive deals, often temporary, with several third parties, including large ones, to ensure Benefits For the PS5 compared to the competition. The Sony console can be trusted to have significant dominance globally, but with a firm tough Microsoft return, one can expect that this strategy of deals on important topics is destined to continue, and in this, Square Enix is ​​considered a valid partner.

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