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Fake Clubhouse app for Android in circulation: Beware of malware

Fake Clubhouse app for Android in circulation: Beware of malware

Criminals use Android notification

Invalid Clubhouse app for Android devices in circulation

Clubhouse is still only available for iOS users – however, the developers have already announced that it will run on the Android app. But it is not over yet. Security experts are now warning that criminals are currently trying to lure users into the web with the alleged Clubhouse app for Android. According to an official alert from security software company ESET, a Trojan called “BlackRock” is behind the scam.

This malicious program, if found on a smartphone, attempts to steal login data from a total of 458 different online services – including news and social media applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter, as well as shopping and financial applications such as Amazon. EBay and cash usage. Anything based on SMS is protected here as malware can also intercept text messages Two factor recognition Not anymore.

How to recognize a fake application

Although the Clubhouse website where the app is supposed to be advertised may initially look real – users can still easily see if they have come to the wrong page: when they click the Google Play Store button, the user goes to the Google Play Store as usual with app downloads that are automatically downloaded and installed instead of running first.

The fake application is easy to identify during installation: it is not called “Clubhouse” by malware developers, but it is called “Install”.