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Forza Horizon 5: Seasons and Dynamic Weather Explained!  |  Xbox One

Forza Horizon 5: Online Problems and Errors By Playground Games | Xbox One

Released November 9, Forza Horizon 5 Its online mode still suffers from numerous errors and connectivity issues. Three weeks after the release, we had to wait Player Rand Dan Joan song The studio must finally announce its plans.

The online mode of Forza Horizon 5 is broken, but updates are coming

“Playground Games acknowledges that playing Forza Horizon 5 online with friends or the wider community can be frustrating, due to a number of issues with matchmaking, connectivity and convoy. “We listen to you and understand how you feel, especially when practicing on Forza Horizon is a key part of the game.”

So the studio decided to talk and show that they are well aware of the various issues that currently affect the online experience of the game. The key issues the groups heard about and how they are calculated. Fix them.

An update to Forza Horizon 5 is coming soon to fix some of these issues and many more will follow.

Convoys – There is nothing more frustrating than going on a road trip with your friends and they all disappear. We lived it, and it never diminished the disappointment. We are actively working on improving players who may accidentally disappear or are not trained with Horizon Life servers.

Horizon Arcade – These fun and collaborative games are enlivened while enjoying with other players. However, we know that few of you were able to enjoy them as you thought. There will be far fewer players than expected at Horizon Arcade events and we know it’s not fun. Like convoys, we know soldiers disappear when these events begin. We are making corrections and improvements to solve both problems.

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Eliminator – As invisible players and warriors are unable to challenge each other by ringing their horns, we looked at your comment and we encountered both problems. We are actively working to identify some issues and resolve them.

The horizon is open – We are aware of an issue where convoy leaders go into matchmaking themselves. In general, we work on improving Horizon Open matchmaking so you and your convoy can easily find other players.

Rankings – We are aware of bugs that may have caused incorrect fold times to be displayed on Rivals leaderboards and are working on future updates to prevent this from happening. We know that some players use game speed modifiers to increase their stunt scores and look to prevent and eliminate these high scores. Cheating, damaging the game and deliberately using exploitation to gain competitive advantage destroys the experience of others. While we do not believe that cheating will be completely eradicated, we will continue to make improvements in our gaming systems to prevent this, and in this way take action against those who promote and disrupt everyone’s gaming experience.

EventLab – When creating a new EventLab track, arena or game mode, we understand how frustrating it can be to lose all of your progress. Likewise, we know how difficult it is to create masterpieces that many of you know at once. In the future game update, we are working to introduce the ability to save and edit EventLab content after creation. We are also aware of Forms to XP or Credits and other types of EventLab menu exploits.

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Playground Games invites players to wait for the next update and indicates that 1000 Forzathon points will be awarded with the next content update. They will be used to get cars, horns, clothes and other tricks at the Forzathon store.

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