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Fortnight New Year's Eve event, how to participate?  - Breakflip

Fortnight New Year’s Eve event, how to participate? – Breakflip

An event is taking place at Fort Night for the New Year! We explain how to participate.

2020 is coming to an end soon, with curfew orders so that some people can celebrate the event together. However, it is always possible to celebrate the New Year with your friends in video games, for example with the popular Christmas ARAM.

Surely Fortnight, Event Tasks for the New Year are already underway and recur every hour, so players in each time zone can participate at midnight. We explain everything about the New Year at Fort Night!

What event at Fortnight for the New Year?

This year, many gamers will celebrate the New Year in video games due to the curfew order starting at 8pm in France. At Fortnight, an event is currently underway!

To keep players happy in every time zone, epic games combine a small hourly event together. 24 hours. Every hour, By starting a game at a specific time, you can participate in the new year set in the game!

During this event, you can see A number in the sky, Continued Fireworks ! If you’s not available by midnight tonight, you can already join in to appreciate the New Year’s fireworks display at Fortnight.

If you are unable to attend the event, a preview is also available in the video below: