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Former lead designer targeting crimes

Former lead designer targeting crimes

After years of rumors, we recently returned to discuss landing Metro Prime trilogy Su Nintendo Switch, Following the sharing of some ideas Michael Wicken |.

L ‘Former Lead Designer Of the series Metro Prime In fact, he was recently asked about rumors related to a boarding of adventures Samus Aran To the hybrid console. In this case, the professional spoke Suspicion, Lists several reasons why he thinks the first trilogy of the saga is unlikely to come back Nintendo Switch. However, such ratings have not been welcomed by a section of the interested community of bounty hunters.

There is a portal to report it Shinesparkers, Reference point for fans of the Metro series. The site actually reported the following message: “We were informed that the aforementioned developer was present Targeting attack messages Will be sent to your personal social media accounts. The Metro community is better than that, Please be polite. “From L ‘ Retro Studios, We remember, he said decisively Doubts about the return of the Android Prime trilogy on the Nintendo Switch, Currently not announced by Nintendo.

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