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Are PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Excluded from the Epic Sports Store?  Message @JVL

Are PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Excluded from the Epic Sports Store? Message @JVL

The ball of secret files continues in the epic vs Apple case. At this point, the publisher would have had an idea: to pay for the exclusive features of Sony, Microsoft and Big N to its site.

The The case between the epic game and Apple WTF takes a turn because we see it opening up in public Expressions beyond both parties. It’s so crispy, we made you The summary of confidential information is no longer confidential.

Epic game – Who bought it A shopping center to turn it into offices And this Fall Guys Developers – Went further Imagine being able to buy games exclusively for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo platforms.

According to the document that came out of the walls of the court, Epic has even put 200 million in the table for 4 to 6 PlayStation titles – Maybe PS4 And PS5 – Further There will be no response from Sony yet. That is what is written. Nevertheless, it is true The days went by in steam Sounds like “no”.

Unexpectedly 0 Description So these are all blurry, And the only sure thing is that The big Sony games have not been released yet Exclusively Epic store, It looks like a “No twins”.

Move to Microsoft And Xbox Or many Obstacles would have blocked the project:

  • The The PC game goes against what the Boss Epic does
  • The Redmond Companies, Like everyone else, Will reduce dollars for having their own exclusive content and therefore competing with creators Fortnight
  • Bill Spencer – Xbox Boss – From time to time Wolvin meets Cape Newell, What will be Rather does not apply
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Finally Nintendo, Which is simpler and more serious: After all it would have been like a dream so there wouldn’t have even been a touch. At least the publisher had a clear idea!

In short, the three builders are protecting their property, which is not surprising because the content of the battlefield is central to attracting players to this or that platform.

Find out soon enough that Epic asked his banker if he could buy the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and Valve directly to stay quiet.