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For iPhones and Macs?  Apple patents will be displayed with integrated Touch and Face ID

For iPhones and Macs? Apple patents will be displayed with integrated Touch and Face ID

Apple’s Phil Schiller introduced the iPhone X in 2017 with Face ID. (Photo DPA)

Apple has patented a screen that combines a combination of Touch ID and Face ID on future iPhones or Macs. A similar patent application was recently made public.

This has been speculated for a long time Apple Touch-ID And Face-ID together on the display Upcoming iPhone The Integrated Rumor Mill is currently boiling again because the US Patent Commission (USPDO) has approved two of Apple’s patent applications dealing with the issue in the past few days. In addition, there is the generally well-known Bloomberg journalist Mark Kurman reportsApple is currently trying to bring Face ID to Macs, iPads and cheap iPhones in the coming years.

Very deep real deep camera for MacBook shots

So far, the requirement for Face-ID has been used specifically for MacBooks True-depth-camera Very thick for use in short shots of devices. When it comes to fingerprint scanners, some smartphone manufacturers have already installed them behind the screen of their devices. However, the results are not fully guaranteed. Apple, which already owns several patents for the fingerprint sensor, apparently wants to go one step further.

A few days ago Published patent application Apple describes “visual-visual optical transmission, reception or perception through micro-optic elements”, how visible light and other electromagnetic waves travel through the display to the sensors behind it. It is considered how it is called, Through the many translucent openings in the panel. These small openings cannot be felt by the human eye, so the quality of the image should not be compromised. As a result, the entire display can be applied to Face ID and Touch ID.

Apple: Sensor for image recognition on display

Another Apple-patented (“Electronic Device Display for Source-Visual Imaging”) Released by USPTO last week. It’s about a sensor integrated directly into the screen. Thanks to the built-in image capture, fingerprints can be read on the screen. To use the sensor for facial recognition, Apple needs to install additional components such as an infrared projector. Notes. Such a sensor enables Face ID on MacBook displays.

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