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Fnac: Hundreds of free ebooks to sell on sale

Fnac: Hundreds of free ebooks to sell on sale

Winter sales are taking their course on Fnac, which ends on February 16th. In the meantime, we can always find many offers in all areas of the brand, including electronic books. In fact, during the sale, Fnac offers hundreds of free e-books. With over 500 topics in free access, you can relax or learn without spending 1 euro!

Hundreds of free ebooks on Fnac

Relax, get away from it all, learn or train yourself, so Fnac offers you plenty of books to download for free at this time. For example, you can refresh your general knowledge with La France, work your brain through the 30 Rituals of Logic, or rediscover the classics, such as Maurice LeBlanc’s Arsenal Lupine series, which offers many of Fenok’s famous adventures. There are many more books, and you can improve your English, your spelling, spice up your intimate life, or rediscover the classics of French literature from Victor Hugo to Jules Verne.

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Content can be accessed with the Kobo E Reader

To use many of these free ebooks, you need an e-reader or application. Fnac offers both His Kobo e-reader. We can count on many models of e-reader ranging from 99.99 euros for Kobo Kia to 279.99 euros for Kobo Pharma. The app allows you to find your books on your tablets, smartphones or computers, Apple, Windows or Android.

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