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Chris Harris criticizes SF90 Stradale, Ferrari does not match - Monto Auto

Chris Harris criticizes SF90 Stradale, Ferrari does not match – Monto Auto

“If Ferrari’s future plan is a car that puts technology ahead of driving, I do not know if that’s the future I want.” With these words Chris Harris Drives his experience SF90 Street, One of Bronzing Horse’s latest jewelry, Maranello’s first plugin hybrid, one of the most powerful hypercars in circulation. The famous automotive journalist, the face of Top Gear, had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the Italian brand’s electrified racing car, testing all its extraordinary capabilities in the Vallelunga rounds.

The British mechanic acknowledged the incredible work done by the modern carmaker Ferrari SF90 Stradale, Underscores all its merits from a technical point of view, but illustrates how all the high-tech development carried out by Francing Horse with this model affects the pleasure of driving, especially when you are on the road. Harris’ analysis This is not an outright rejection, but those who aim to analyze such a model from every perspective go to the heart of the matter, unperturbed by the extraordinary work done by Ferrari in this matter as well.

Ferrari Prosangu, new ice tests

The journalist, who specializes in criticizing cars whose driving mechanics have been acquired by technology, also confirmed the preliminary ruling on the Ferrari SF90 Stradale he revealed a few months ago. Meanwhile, the first copy has arrived from Maranello To the confusion of Chris Harris, who underlined how even a brand like Ferrari is inevitably affected by strict emissions regulations. In fact, the SF90 Stradale reflects the report of the change that even the red is facing, with the electrification of the range leading to a complete hybrid range in the coming years and a complete electric Ferrari within a decade.

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