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Flintshire man 'blames innocent man for downloading child pornography'

Flintshire man ‘blames innocent man for downloading child pornography’

A Flintshire businessman has been jailed for allegedly downloading thousands of child pornography on an innocent man.

Richard Greenoff, 45, of Holywell and Locke, appeared in Mold Crown Court on Wednesday morning for sentencing.

Simon Mintz told the court that the warrant was executed at two Holywell addresses associated with Greenoff and his parents in May last year.

Greenoff was abroad for the holiday at the time but officers seized various equipment.

Child-related obscenities were found on two laptops and two memory sticks.

Mr. Mintz has eight films in the A category – the most serious – as well as four in the B category.

More than 3,500 were found, which fell into the C category.

“These pictures are of female children between the ages of 10 and 16,” Mintz told the court.

“They searched, downloaded and played between two laptops between 2016 and 2019.”

The court heard how Greenoff initially denied the crimes, naming two other people responsible – one of whom was found dead – but later pleaded guilty.

Defending John Hedco said that if his client was sentenced to immediate custody, he would not receive special assistance or training for the crime he committed.

He said that since Greenoff was currently running a family business, his job was also at risk.

“If you look at his background, employment is currently the only positive aspect he has,” Mr Hedgeko said.

Judge Nicholas Parry told Greenhouse: “These insulting images that you are deliberately looking for are actually happening to these children – the abuse will affect their lives forever.

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“There are a large number of pictures in this case and you blamed an innocent person.” But you are easily guilty and you are a person who works hard in a good job. “It seems to me that people will get a lot better protection by being guided to prevent re-offending.”

Judge Parry Greenoff was sentenced to 12 months in prison for a Category A film – but suspended for 12 months.

He will also have to pay a 500 fine, 400 prosecution costs and the need for 60 days of rehabilitation operations.

Greenoff has changed the subject of the Sexual Harassment Prevention Order, which regulates his Internet use.

No special fines were imposed for other offenses related to the films.