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[Fix released] Unable to download OnePlus 100MB applications and above on OxygenOS 11

[Fix released] Unable to download OnePlus 100MB applications and above on OxygenOS 11

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The original story (released October 30, 2020) is as follows:

OnePlus’ new OxygenOS 11 is a controversial skin. This is because of the harsh departure from the origin and feeling of previous repetitions. More about that here.

At the time of writing, OnePlus’ 8 series devices have received updates for these Android 11 based custom skin.

Unfortunately, this new version of Android seems to have some issues affecting OnePlus 8 device users.

We have done our best to keep track of all reported issues and check out our dedicated OxygenOS 11 error tracker.



In recent times, we have seen reports of excessive battery drain, overlapping screen artifacts with Snapshot usage and some issues affecting users of OnePlus 8 devices.

Successes continue with this Android 11 skin from OnePlus because it is another issue that affects users of devices running it.

According to many users (1,2,3,4,5,6), Their OnePlus devices cannot download games and apps larger than 100MB.

Hello team,
I could not download more than 100mb of games / apps from playstore and got the bug connected, I tried all the ways guided by Google support, but it worked. To fix this I also went to the OnePlus service center and they reinstalled the standard OS 11, which works fine, but I get the same error and problem when I try again the next day.

We have highlighted a similar issue in the past when users are unable to download the Amazon app or the Gallery app on their OnePlus devices.

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According to affected users, this issue affects many game titles in the Play Store Asphalt, Call of Duty, Babji, Among many others.

I can’t update my games in the Play Store. When I try to remove and reinstall them I can no longer install.

A similar issue affects users who want to update the said great apps from the Google Play Store and uninstalling them makes it impossible to download apps on their OxygenOS 11 devices.

First-generation applications such as the OnePlus Gallery are also affected as users are unable to download from the Play Store on their OxygenOS 11 devices.

We have seen the unofficial OxygenOS 11 roadmap outlined when the company’s qualified devices receive this new update.

We hope that many of these issues will be washed away before these devices are updated, as this will save the world from hurting other OnePlus owners.

Update 1 (November 05)

IST 05:41 pm: OnePlus has officially acknowledged the Google Play Store issue on OnePlus devices running on OxygenOS 11. Now, the company has released a new update for the OnePlus 8T, which fixes the problem.

Update 2 (November 27)

11:00 a.m .: OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro users did not fix the bug, which prevented users from downloading and installing apps via the Play Store. The latest update is OxygenOS, and it is coming out India And Europe May also be in global units.


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