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Sega mentions "Sonic Rangers" in his own newsletter Nintendo Connect

First information about “Sonic Rangers” leaked இணைப்பு Nintendo link

Sonic’s next team Sonic, get ready for the new journey on that team Sonic Generations And Sonic Forces Created. We just celebrated our 30th birthday yesterday Sonic thorn pig The first details of the now unnamed major game may have been leaked, which will appear in 2022.

Wrote on Twitter ulu Bluewolf: “If you watch the metadata of the leaked 4K video of the new Sonic teaser trailer, you are reading PS / Rangers_teaserBG_4K_toSOA-2.psd. So I suspect this is Project Sonic Rangers. “

Project Sonic Rangers So why? Do you still remember the end of the trailer? With a lot of imagination you can really explain everything just like us 34 Disorder Performances.

But that is not enough for us. How Majora__Z Notes on Twitter, the name “Rangers” and the content of the trailer and other information have already been reported. 4chan-Leak im Januar Ann. Metadata also includes information about marketing company Liquid Arcade and animation studio Marsa Animation Planet FoundThose who have worked with Sega in the past.

4chan has talk about “open world full of little enemies, puzzles and stage challenges”. Completing these challenges rewards you with points of experience that can be restored on a talented tree and is one of the skills that cannot be opened.Spincycle“, As you saw in the video (at the end). “If you press Y, Sonic will draw a line behind him. Once you complete a circle, he will attack all the enemies in the circle,” it says in the thread.

Project Sonic Rangers In this initial test the game world explores and battles are said to be “super boring”. The boss does not demand fights. There are still no synchronized voices like Roger Craigsmith, and the music is said to have shaken violently, especially in the linear segments. Unfortunately not in the open world.

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A Yesterday’s thread Talks more about the fact that there should be collections like “Towers of Ubisoft” and Croke – The Legend of Zelda: Wild Breath Sending greetings. The story of the game is said to involve a ghost girl. For more information, you need to click on the two 4chan texts because we did not mention anything about “Chaos Emeralds” or “Portal in Cyberspace”.

What do you think about all this information Project Sonic RangersThis is next year’s Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | Will it be released for S and PC?