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Final Fantasy 7, UF's Gospel from the Kinosaurus is very good - Nert 4.Life

Final Fantasy 7, UF’s Gospel from the Kinosaurus is very good – Nert 4.Life

Final Fantasy 7 Continues to inspire cosplayers around the world, and in this case we see a character who does not actually use it cosplay, Or better UF, Played கினோசரஸ்_

A character of a ninja fighter Elusive The new version of the game appears to have been removed directly from the original version of Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 7 remake, instead of returning as a protagonist with the arrival of Final Fantasy 7 remake Intergrade instead Upgrade to the next gen Adding the PS5 and precisely the character in question.

Anyone who has starred in the original Final Fantasy 7 will remember the fact that UFC is not a particularly straightforward character. Find out: You have to do many things to be included in your party, you do not have to win. For this reason, the female square Enix became very popular among fans of the game, as well as apparently for her beautiful appearance.

UF, bred by kinosaurus, is actually more beautiful than the original character of the game, which makes this gameplay even more attractive. So let’s see Ninja Dream in the photo below, in all its glory.

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