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Apple Vs Epic: Apple does not like the Android model

Apple Vs Epic: Apple does not like the Android model

Is the garden closed for the purpose of retaining occupants or is it a safe garden to protect the occupants? Epic and Apple have a completely opposite view of the iOS App Store. On the first day of the trial between the two companies in California, the respective lawyers had the opportunity to report for the next three weeks.

« Epic We want to become Android, but we do not need it “Karen Dunn, one of Apple’s lawyers, said.” Our customers don’t like this either. They like to choose “. Choose between two models. Apple and the Android ecosystem, which stipulates downloading iOS apps in a single column via the App Store, can view apps other than Google Play.

At stake in this case, Epic hopes to get justice for the fact that Apple no longer imposes the App Store (and, therefore, its integrated payment system) as the alpha and omega for downloading and paying for content and content on iOS.

« There may have been a door to the garden “Katherine B. Forrest, one of the epic lawyers’ advocates.” Apple’s plan is to lock users in and prevent them from changing Apple’s ecosystem and leaving. “Epic has created a lot of internal controversy, showing that Apple executives are fully aware of the potential of their applications and services.

Putting himself on the side of the developers, his co-worker changed his perspective and presented the security card, a theme that Apple relies on systematically to protect its model: ” Apple did not create an integrated, secure ecosystem to evict people “, She did it” We welcome developers without sacrificing the principles of privacy, reliability, security and quality that consumers expect. .

Again, Epic, in its inaugural presentation, was able to show examples of Apple monitoring the content of the App Store to the fraud of its executives.

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