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15 new features you can enjoy on Android 12

Long announced, deployment of standard versionAndroid 12 It actually started on October 19th. This new version of the operating system is currently only officially available on Google Pixels. But general release on devices of other brands that are compatible should continue to be done.


Users will receive notifications that updates are available on their various phones. This will be a signal to start its download, best via wifi to avoid any inconvenience. After the download, the installation will follow, which may take a few minutes. The new world of Android 12 will open to everyone based on a very practical design. In this context, we invite you to discover in detail the 15 new features that you might like in this new update.

1- Double-tap or quick-tap function

With Android 12, users can schedule a list of actions to perform Taps the back of the phone twice.

With custom pre-configuration in the menu Settings> Gestures, Double-tap to open the latest apps menu, launch Google Assistant, pause or enable content, open notifications panel or other apps. However, by default, the gesture can initiate a screenshot. This feature is reminiscent Then tap It’s already available under iOS 14.

2- Rotate the screen according to the inclination of the head

With Android 12, the user experience has surpassed what was known until then by automatically rotating the screen in landscape or portrait mode.

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This new feature is designed to address the convenience issues caused by the initial rotation system. So the user can lie down and hold his phone 90% inclined Runs in landscape mode without screen. In fact, you should be aware that the face detection system allows Android 12 to automatically disable rotation if the user has installed it.

3- Strengthen data security and confidentiality

This new update from Google integrates a number of features designed for greater security. Page Bluetooth, For example, a new Authorization Request window appeared. Regardless of the application from which the request comes, the user must authorize scanning of nearby Bluetooth devices.

Is highly coded in security devices Green rectangle Visible on the status bar of any phone running Android 12. When an application uses one of these elements, the microphone and camera icons displayed there alert the user. In the output panel, a button now lets you Turn off the microphone.

4- One hand method

With widescreen phone, One-handed manipulation Sometimes almost impossible. Can’t handle certain parts of the screen by holding the mobile with 5 fingers simultaneously.

So Google thought “One hand method” This allows the user to reduce the size of the application area up to 40%. The user can place this miniature space with one hand in the most accessible corner of the screen. Android 12 catches iOS, which has been integrating this feature for a while.

5- Installing applications from third party stores

With Android 12, Google undermines its own store monopoly Game Store. Users can now easily operate from third-party App Stores. We think specifically Aptoide, Huawei App Gallery, Samsung Galaxy Store or Amazon App Store It would be even more effective.

This first allows developers to offer their applications in other stores without having to meet the requirements required by Google. Therefore, it is a boon for users who have unlimited access to a wide range of applications.

6- Scrolling screen shots

There are no static screenshots you can save, for example, a long web page in multiple image files. In addition to this initial screenshot process, a new option “Grab more” Integrated with Android version 12.

So the user can click on it and drag down any application page Save the long surface. This integration in the Android stock generalizes a little more on the option already available on the interface of some phones. OnePlus, Samsung or Huawei.

7- Switching calls between two SIM cards

On the communication page, there is also a new feature called Android 12 “Smart Forwarding”. This option, which can be enabled on phone settings, allows you to transfer calls from one person to another SIM card To others and even if these come from different operators.

It is obviously only compatible with dual SIM phones. It is the user’s choice to select the SIM card for which he wants to receive any call. This feature is a solution to network problems that can lead to penalties in some areas. In short, SIM card 1 can be selected to receive calls from SIM card 2 if its network is unstable.

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8- Free definition of the main color of the theme

The interface of Android 12 also has a dynamic theme layout. If Dark Mode is not enabled, the Phone theme This may vary depending on the wallpaper used in Android 12.

The system analyzes colors and highlights the most obvious with specific compatibility for each application and each screen. This option “Theme Palette” In terms of design language “Subject You” Is an interesting option among many. The user can decide to choose single color themes.

9- WhatsApp data can be easily recovered from iPhone to Android phone

If you change your phone or operating system (from iOS to Android), you no longer have to worry about losing it Information Share. This is a relief for users who have been waiting for a messaging processor for years.

With single cable Lightning / USB-C With both phones connected, the user can transfer all his conversations and WhatsApp files from the iPhone to the Android 12 phone. No technical maneuver is required on the part of the user. After the cable is connected to both ports, the operating system takes over the process.

10- Practical application of notices

In Android 12, the notification panel has been redesigned as a technique. But the key change lies in the implementation of notifications. The application that created the notification will be triggered even faster when the user clicks on it.

The number of notifications per application will also be marked automatically Notification menu In the form of a counter. Under Android 12, several options are available to the user:

  • Default notification;
  • Press Release;
  • Real-time notification;
  • Quiet announcement.

Programming the notification type to receive for each application is free.

11- Experience interacting with widgets

Android 12 was designed by Google to be highly responsive to the needs of users. This includes redesigning many more Google Widgets Proposal of existing and other types in addition. We can quote in others “Cards” Uses Google Maps Very easy from home screen or new types «YouTube Music.

It should also be noted that since it is a question of widgets, their access is much easier under Android 12. Widget suggestions are made by the operating system, and the selection screen displays each application with its number of available widgets. .

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12- Advanced control of media applications

With Android 12, Quick Settings for Media Control can control the panel for user-defined priority applications. The Multimedia applications (Audio and video playback) so you can access the panel by mode.

This frees up space on the Quick Settings panel. A tailor function was integrated to maintain high fluidity during the use of the operating system.

13- App Pairs screen sharing function

The new multitasking functionality of Android 12 further enhances the user experience. The user no longer has to manage two applications on each half of the screen.

Function Application pairs Allows both processes to be combined into a single task. A link that does not prevent the user from having complete control over the two applications. This allows access to other applications and menus while keeping the multitasking process active and in the background. Then the user can come back and continue their contacts.

14- Easy sharing of WiFi network

After sharing by Code QR, Android 12 makes it easy to share your WiFi network with third parties. The user who is already logged in will receive a notification each time a new device attempts a login request.

The notification will be displayed with the option to confirm the connection attempt without any prior password request. The most convenient way to share the link without having to do many difficult steps.

15- Use the phone as a car key

Android 12 allows users to use their mobile phone as a car key. Not all car manufacturers and phone brands are affected at this time. With a phone Pixel or Samsung Galaxy Running on Android 12, users can do without their car keys BMW or Ford.

However, the functionality in its application is very different. For some models that work Ultra White Band (UWB), The user does not need to take his phone out of his pocket to open his vehicle. Other models work NFC Transmitter.