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Ferrari F40, un salto nel futuro

Ferrari F40, a leap into the future – Monto Auto

The world of super cars has changed a lot over the years, but there are models that hold their respectable place. Of these there is no doubt Ferrari F40, One of the most popular Cavalino cars manufactured in Maranello for more than 10 years from 1987 to 1992 (the last examples of the F40 GTE came in 1998) for a total of 1,337 units. American car designer Angel Guerrero Nearly 35 years after its introduction, it wanted to pay homage to the F40, a version with future features and a design They replace the iconic Ferrari with the style of today’s super cars, While true to the attributes that made it popular.

Ferrari F40, copy only for 20 thousand euros

At first glance you can immediately identify some of the weirdest features of the Ferrari F40, starting with the lower nose and square stripes, with the large fixed rear wing. The bonnet is always closed Classic Plexiglas 478 hp V8 with slots that allow more than snoring. The front is slightly longer, resulting in an increase in the proportions of the car, Illustrated by Angel Guerrero: “I tried to change the shapes of the F40 with the dimensions of current cars. I increased the wheelbase by 20 centimeters, the length is now 4.65 meters, the wheel curve has been extended to fit the 21-inch edges, which was 17 on the original car. I wanted to change the design to the point of change. “

Ferrari F40 Vs McLaren B1: Timeless Challenge

Overall, in fact, the American designer’s rendering is in perfect harmony The original version of the Ferrari F40. Not only are the retractable headlights missing, the pages show fuzzy nag air intakes, which have now been replaced by sophisticated LED optical signature. A daydream? In fact, Guerrero is not ready to stop here, because he has made himself available to create specific designs to give life to a body tool similar to other Ferraris: “This work is 100% achievable and can be loaded with the engine in the right place on any Ferrari from the F430.”

Photo: Screen shot via Instagram / Angel Guerrero

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