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Federal Motorway App: Free App - Details & Download

Federal Motorway App: Free App – Details & Download

Passengers and professional drivers spend more time on the highway. Annoying when traffic jams occur. The carefree journey looks different. Not even a processor can connect a row of cars, but it can mark a diversion at the right time. Autobahn GmbH will release an application for use on German motorways on July 20, 2021. Can it do more than Google Maps & Cov?

Path testing, diversions, live cameras

The Motor Traffic application provides information on current traffic conditions, construction sites or road closures. Autobahn GmbH was established in January 2021 and is responsible for the nationwide administration of the German Motorway Network. To do this, in its application it provides information on a route test, traffic reports, closures, diversions and construction sites. A webcam provides access to more than 1,000 live cameras on motorways. Drivers get a live picture of traffic conditions at congestion centers. You can use the app to find the nearest recreation area or gas station. The “Parking, Refueling, Leisure” section contains a detailed description of the leisure area or parking equipment. Car owners of electric vehicles can find e-charging stations along the way. In addition to location, the application reveals the provider and the charging capacity and the number of charging stations available.

Download Federal Motorway Processor (Android) now

Download the Federal Autobahn app (iOS) now

Autobahn application for iOS and Android

Now competing with Google Maps & Go? The federal-owned motorway company offers a lot of extra value, talk “exclusive data”. According to Albrecht Klein, Head of Strategy, Motorway is the first to receive relevant information and send it through the app, sooner than Google Maps. Nevertheless, one does not want to be a competitor to Google Maps & Go, but in addition. Autobahn GmbH: “The Autobahn utility is not a navigation utility and therefore does not compete with installed navigation providers.” The path from start to finish is changed to the navigation application used by users – in the initial version these were Apple Maps and Google Maps. User-related location information should only be collected if a user wishes to be active during the route view for the map view. Priority is given to “reliable information on motorways,” says Stephen Grenz, CEO of Autobahn GmbH. (With material from DPA.)

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