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False Guys set a Guinness World Record

False Guys set a Guinness World Record

From Valentine Chatler
Battle Royale Fall Guys: The Ultimate Knockout is featured in the current edition of the Guinness World Record. Installed Record belongs to the secondary category: Fall Guys has the most downloads so far on Sony’s PlayStation Plus Games subscription.

With Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, developer studio Mediatonic had a surprising success last year. In the first week of the game’s release, Steam sold over two million copies, and by the end of the year Fall Guys had already relocated More than ten million times Via virtual charging counter. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. Acquired Tonic Games Group, Belong to any Mediatonic and thus Fall Guys.

Guinness World Record

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is not exactly the reason for the unexpected success of including it in the record book Guinness World Record 2022 Has achieved. Instead, according to the developers’ announcement, the download numbers for Sony’s game subscription have been replaced PlayStation Plus Responsibility: Accordingly, no game is downloaded more often than Fall Guys.

The Mediatonic related press release does not disclose how many times the game has been downloaded from the PlayStation Plus, but at least the time of the recording break is known. The official PlayStation Twitter account has been announced Already on August 26, 2020Those fall guys Downloads Can show. Previously, this record was believed to be a remake of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

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More and more valuable achievement breaks are unlikely to be on the agenda for fall guys: At least according to the steam chart The number of players has dropped significantly by October 2020, after which about 10,000 to 30,000 players are online every day. This means the title continues to be successful, but new download logs are not available with these numbers.

That: Mediatonic Via Eurocomer

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