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Fallen Legion Revenues Demo Live Now!

Fallen Legion Revenues Demo Live Now!

Download now from PlayStation Store or Nintendo iShop.

NIS USA Announces the release of the demo today Fallen Legion Revenants, Continuity of duality Fallen Legion: The sin of an empire And Fallen Regiment: The Flames of Rebellion, At the PlayStation Store and Nintendo EShop. This demo comes with a new trailer, which contains a message from the game’s developers. Fallen Legion Revenants Coming out February 19, 2021 On PlayStation ®4 and Nintendo Switch on.

About the game :

In a world shrouded in myasma, the flying castle is mankind’s last refuge. The plague-bearing beasts infest the land as Welkin Castle faces the atrocities that come down here. Lucian, a charismatic politician guarded by the castle walls, discovers an old book in which he learns that there are “role models” who can turn into conscientious objectors. She joins a demon named Rowana who is determined to find a way of life to raise her son. Lucian and Rowena are hesitant to make a deal to defeat the mad tyrant who controls Welkin.

Properties :

  • Weaver of Destiny: Influence events in the castle with your different choices and determine who lives or dies in every decision you make.
  • Psychic Players: Ghost Rowana will take you to test your reflexes and tactical abilities in deep real-time battle. Destroy your enemies with control ” Examples, Weapons capable of transforming into a glorious soldier.
  • Restricted Knowledge: With Lucian, create medicines and other useful ingredients by following alchemical recipes. Go through the castle and use stealth tricks to uncover its secrets.

Content of Vanguard version » :

  • Sports Fallen Legion Revenants On the PS4 ™ or Nintendo Switch
  • Mini Art Book “Louisiana’s Lost Ledger”
  • Download the soundtrack to “Songs for the Fallen World”
  • Reversible jacket
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