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Extends battery life of Apple Airboats 3 and adds more color to HomePad Mini

Extends battery life of Apple Airboats 3 and adds more color to HomePad Mini

Apple has unveiled the third generation of its aircraft in its “Unveiled” event. Airbots 3 will be longer and more durable than their predecessors. Homebot minis are very colorful.

After about two and a half years Apple has re-released its Airboats entry level wireless ear headphones, while fans Airports Pro is probably another year Have to wait for the second generation. In return, the Airboat 3 Pro has got many features from the version. In particular, they need to improve sound quality. The third generation of aircraft includes adaptive EQ and spatial audio.

Airports with Adaptive EQ 3 Mid Pro-Features

Adaptive EQ, for example, is an integrated balancer that adjusts the sound of airplanes with the sound source in real time. The inward microphone monitors the sound and tunes the lower and middle frequencies. With spatial audio, a kind of 3D sound has to go into airports. According to Apple, built-in Dolby Atmos and dynamic head tracking ensure even better sound. It should sound not only great music and movies, but also group calls through FaceTime.

Apple Airboats 3: Mid Spatial Audio. (Photo: Apple)

Apple has also revised the battery life of airplanes. Third generation ear plugs can listen to music for up to six hours at a time. Conversations should last four hours. The five-minute charge should allow for additional hours of operation at a time. With the help of a charging case, the battery life is increased up to 30 hours. Additionally, the charging case is now MaxSafe-compatible and can be charged wirelessly.

Wireless Charging Airports 3 Case

Wireless Charging: The Airboats 3 charging case is now Magsafe-enabled. (Image: Apple)

New airplanes in Pro design, but without silicone

Apple has also slightly changed the design of the aircraft. There were related photos Already appeared in February. Here, too, Airboats 3 is based on their Pro counterparts. The handle is narrower and now has power sensor controls. The new headphones are now sweat-proof and splash-proof. However, they do not have the silicone cushions known from Airports Pro.

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Airbots 3 can be ordered now and will be shipped starting next week. Cost: 199 euros. Pioneers (Airboats 2) will cost 149 euros in the future. Airports Pro now comes with the MaxSafe charging case – still priced at 9 279.

Airports require Apple devices with iOS 15.1, iPados 15.1, WatchOS 8.1, TVOS 15.1 or MacOS Montessori. According to Apple, all updates for these versions should be released next week.

New Home Pot Mini in Yellow, Orange and Blue

Probably all Apple efforts were focused on the new M1 chips and the MacBook Pro, so the Homepot Mini was only given a new coat of paint. The small round Siri speakers come in three new colors: yellow, orange and blue. However, they are still available in white and gray.

Additionally, the updated Homepot Mini understands more commands. The idea of ​​setting aside different voices in the budget is to be extended to other regions. In the future, there will be an automatic volume control based on the conditions in the respective room. And the HomePad Mini can be paired with Apple TVs.

Home Bot Mini iPhone

Colorful Homepot Mini: Change to iPhone. (Image: Apple)

It’s interesting to bring the iPhone closer to a home mini, in which you can read music without interruption. The new Homebot Mini is priced at 99 euros and will be available from November.

New voice only subscription to Apple Music

Incidentally, Apple began its presentation in which the company wanted to focus on Music and Mac, the new subscription variant for its music application. Available now – compatible with HomePad Minus – a single-voice version costs 4. 4.99 per month. For comparison: the version for single users is 9.99 euros, the version for families is 14.99 euros. Apple has announced that it will launch a voice subscription “later in the fall”.

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