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Evergate's latest car offers a key link to Nintendo history - feature

Evergate’s latest car offers a key link to Nintendo history – feature

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We have included the Evergate console a few times on this site, mainly because we like the idea of ​​a brand new portable system that uses old school bullets. This pocket-friendly device does not have the support of a Nintendo or Sony-sized company, although the team involved not only made a custom kit, but also expanded its library with some unexpected retro gems – such as modern classics. The Geno Crisis And Donglewood.

Evergate also gets a collection that showcases the work of the Oliver duo, the British index siblings who made a huge impact in the gaming world with their bestselling sales Dizzy Series of the 80s and early 90s.

Oliver Doubles Collection – If you are wondering which Evergate release “12” – Features Fainting, Wonderland Dizzy, Panic Fainting, Go! Dizzy Go !, Dizzy The Adventure, Mystery World Dizzy And Treasure Island Fainting, As well as Super Robin Hood, Firehawk, Professional BMX Simulator And Dreamworld Boogie, The latter is the “Lost Classic”, which was only released in 2017.

What is significant about these topics? They are all NES games. Although the Oliver duo were very popular on home computers such as the ZX Spectrum and the C64, they – via publisher codemasters – enthusiastically supported Nintendo’s 8-bit console because this package is certifying. The emulation is excellent throughout, Evergate’s precise D-Pad and large, friendly buttons are a pleasure to control with every game included here. The fact that you can connect the console to your TV via HDMI for a more realistic home console experience is a nice bonus for long-term NES fans.

What makes packages like this so special is that they are a Systematic A way for Nintendo fans to reconnect with a piece of Nintendo history. It may be a bit confusing to say that the 11 games featured in this collection are the best at NES – the Dizzy series has always been an interesting taste, above all – but they are on sale because of the celebration after all these years; What makes the collection even more impressive is that all profits go to the National Video Game Museum charity.

The Evergate Jalego and Data Yeast cartridges are lined up for release – both of which feature Nintendo titles – and have produced two carts that include Adari Links’ library, a console that, for modern players, is a complete mystery. Like Nintendo’s defunct virtual console service, Evergate is becoming a major route between the past and the present, and we’ll see many forgotten NES and SNES classic variants get a new lease through this small console.

Imagine a Sega collection or a cart full of obscure Game Boy releases …