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Event starts at 10 PM: Don't miss the "Super Thunder Moon" visible this Wednesday evening

Event starts at 10 PM: Don’t miss the “Super Thunder Moon” visible this Wednesday evening

A larger and brighter than usual moon will be visible in the sky this Wednesday evening, July 13. This is evident due to favorable weather conditions. At what time should the head be raised? We tell you about this rare event.

A full moon indicates a supermoon when the moon’s orbit is closest to Earth and it appears larger and brighter.

Supermoons occur only three to four times a year, always in succession. The biggest and brightest full moon of the year will fall on July 13. Enjoy it!

— Spacemilk (@spacemilkbrand) July 13, 2022

A supermoon is a full moon that appears 7% larger and 14% brighter than a regular full moon. This phenomenon occurs when the Moon is at its minimum distance from the Earth. The Moon is 357,264 km from our planet.
According to forecasts from Météo France, skies should be clear to enjoy the show.

In anticipation of Wednesday’s supermoon, let’s warm our hearts to this full moon photographed by the ISS crew (photo by NASA).

— Etienne KLEIN (@EtienneKlein) July 11, 2022

The moon will be closest to Earth on Wednesday at 8:38 p.m., but it’s not yet visible. She doesn’t wake up until 10:30pm and goes to bed at 4:21am on Thursday. So it is visible to the naked eye for several hours in France. The phenomenon is nicknamed the “Super Thunder Moon” because it appears in July, which is one of the hottest and stormiest in this part of the world, TF1 information explains. The last supermoon of the year is scheduled for August 11.

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