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EU 'unloads' AstraZeneca, Costa: "Vaccine program will not change"

EU ‘unloads’ AstraZeneca, Costa: “Vaccine program will not change”

Presented by Marco Innocenti

“Regions already have good stocks in their warehouses: we can guarantee a second dose to everyone who makes the first dose”

“Italy and Liguria does not change anything“Undersecretary for Health Concepts Andrea Costa, During a visit to Caslin in Genoa today, the European Commission announced that it would not renew its supply contract with AstraZeneca, which expires at the end of June. “Even with the old contracts – including Costa – since the end of June, AstraZeneca’s visits have not been expected in our country. Continue with the vaccination campaign. In the month May They will come 17 million dose, Others 25 million In the month June So between now and the next few weeks, We will exceed the target of 500 thousand Daily doses “.

Not even a problem Who have already taken the first dose And the second awaits: “I already am Several doses of AstraZeneca are in stock In the warehouses of the regions – explaining Costa – it seems to me that at this point a clear message has already come from the regulatory bodies. I would like to point it out to date No region was left without vaccines Also, if we go from 60 thousand daily to 500 thousand, it means that there has been an increase. There has been a regularity in recent weeks, with the number of quantities coming in each week interacting with the regions, but it seems to me that we really value the expected quantities.

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