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AirTag cane

Can I use the airtake with cats and dogs?

After AirTake’s presentation, many may have wondered if we could buy one for our little four-legged friends. Having a safety device for our pets is certainly important in the event of a loss, but is it possible to use an airtight with dogs and cats?

The answer to this question comes directly from Apple. The same Cupertino company wanted to state its position on the use of the airtake with a pet, not recommending its use. However, on the Apple side it is methodical to ask the reason for this distrust and the answer is very easy to identify.

In fact, the AirDec is not a real tracker and if your pet goes beyond your boundaries it is difficult to detect it by the AirDec. At least until it communicates with a device on the network. So since there is no guarantee of sustainable localization, Apple probably does not want to file complaints in case of loss. The purpose for which the airdock was created is without a doubt systematic.

Of course an Apple Tracker would be extra helpful compared to a simple collar. In fact, we remind you that once in loss mode, anyone can read the tracker’s NFC tag to contact you with the phone number. In short, Apple does not explicitly prohibit its use, but does not recommend it, and you have to decide whether or not to use it. However, if your pet often tends to walk away from you, do not use airtights, which is certainly highly unsafe, but we advise you to rely on a specific product for this type of use.

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