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Eternal Darkness 2 has huge potential for the Nintendo Switch

Eternal Darkness 2 has huge potential for the Nintendo Switch

Almost twenty years ago, Nintendo could not back down from publishing its first M-rated game on the Nintendo GameCube. Released October 25, 2002, Eternal Darkness: Sanity Requiem The first mature game to be published directly by Nintendo. As a family-friendly well-known institution, it was unheard of at the time.

Developed by Silicon Knights, Eternal Darkness: Sanity Requiem It is considered one of the scariest games of all time and cools the player’s back to this day with a story that can test the courage of music, visuals and even the most seasoned horror gaming veterans.

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After reviewing the game’s long list of accolades, awards and critical reviews, it’s easy to see why Nintendo published the title. Eternal Darkness Ranked 48th in the Top 50 Nintendo Games by Official Nintendo Magazine and 96th Best Game on All Consoles by IGN with countless other accolades.

It is unfortunate that by the time the game was released it was struggling to gain more audiences, with the game selling less than half a million copies. It happened Eternal Darkness To fall into obscurity, the game was later considered a cult classic.

Unexpected return

Alexandra Royvas from Eternal Darkness

It feels like that Eternal Darkness In the meantime, may come back somewhat Nintendo has restored many game trademarks Eternal Darkness, Among other famous classics of the company Ocarina of time And Super Mario Sunshine. While this certainly does not prove anything concrete, it is an interesting development. If the company brings back the franchise for Switch, there are many ways to go about it, whether it is a sequel, a remake or a live port of the original GameCube game.

Shadow of Eternals

Denise Diac, the original creator Eternal Darkness: Sanities Requiem, Attempted to create a spiritual successor to the GameCube classic through Kickstarter Shadow of Eternals Unfortunately for Diac, the project failed to reach the 50,000 750,000 target and was canceled.

If Nintendo decides to go the way of bringing back this old project, either as a title, it will be a dream come true for Dyke and the original game fans. Shadow of Eternals Or as an official sequel Eternal Darkness. With such a huge potential, it is unfortunate that this project has never come to light in the daytime and it is great that Diac’s vision is materializing.

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Introducing it to the new generation

Over the last 18 years psychological horror games have come a long way, with many new inventions and mechanics being introduced. In some respects, Eternal Darkness Feels a lot like dating with fixed camera angles, slow character movement speeds and generally slow speeds. But in many other ways, the game is unique and many horror titles try many things that these days do not dare to try.

The game offers a complex magic and combat system where the player can transmit spells or use melee combat to amputate specific limbs of enemies. In addition, this game is one of the most ambitious stories of any survival horror game, spanning hundreds of years with over a dozen different characters. The sequel or remake of the game doubles as the original’s unique mechanics and features and can throw plenty of new ideas on top of the already exciting ones of the first game.

New wit effects

The game’s most iconic feature, the sanity effects, can take on the biggest facelift, with the newest effects taking advantage of the switch’s new features. For those who have never played the original game, one of its coolest parts Eternal Darkness: Sanity Requiem The game’s use of the system.

Nintendo should have thought so too, because the Japanese gaming company went so far as to patent this feature. Like many video games, Eternal Darkness There is a health meter as well as a magic meter. But unlike other games, there is a third meter, the sanity meter, which tracks the player’s current intelligence level. The sanity meter lowers every time the player comes into direct content with the enemy and reduces the more time they spend around the danger.

As the player’s intellect decreases, they begin to experience hallucinations, their head exploding from the player’s character sinking to the ground and more. But some of the game’s best wit effects come in the form of a game that breaks down the fourth wall. In some cases the fourth wall breaks, causing the player to pretend that all the objects in their game are lost, pretending that the controller is disconnected, and deleting the player’s save files.

All of these integration effects are awesome, but taking advantage of some of the new features of the switch the game can definitely throw in some extra ones. Joy-Cons’s HD Rumble and Switch Console’s portability serve the purpose of the game, with new creative ways to scare the player.

Welcome addition to the switch library

Eternal Darkness It’s an exciting horror game, but unfortunately not as popular as some other survival horror game from its era Silent Hill2 And Resident Evil4. The release of this series into the Nintendo Switch will not only expose new fans, but also allow long-time fans of the title to experience it again on current hardware, helping to enhance it with new features. Switch already has a library of horror games, The Eternal Darkness The series is a welcome addition to the widely preferred hybrid console.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity Requiem Available exclusively for the Nintendo GameCube.

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