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Error raises CPU temperature, partial fix is ​​available -

Error raises CPU temperature, partial fix is ​​available –

Epic game published by a OK To the customerEpic Sports Shop, Useful to solve the worst problem reported by users: Excessive increase CPU temperature. It should be noted that this is a partial fix, while something definite should come up in the next few hours.

First reported the problem Reddit This caused user neoncarbon, which saw a sharp drop in the temperature of his CPU, AMD Raison 7 5800X, closing the epic game store client. 50 to 37 degrees Celsius, to be exact.

Others have been included in his testimony, which confirmed the temperature drop after the application was closed. So specialized sites like Hotware have created real ones Test, Confirms the problem again.

On PCs with the AMD Raison 9 5950X CPU and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card, starting with the epic game store, CPU usage went from 1% to 7%, while temperatures ranged from 34.28C to 56, 78C. The problem may come from the 22 different servers that Epic Game Store constantly sends data to. We hope that this will be resolved soon and that Epic Games will be very careful not to cause similar annoyances and will continue to provide us with games.

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