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EQI - Switch - ntower

EQI – Switch – ntower

Late last month, EQI was released for the Nintendo Switch, three months after it was first released via Steam on PC. In this psychedelic puzzle platform at first sight, you have to puzzle your way to atmospheric synthesizer music through colorful stages. In the following lines you can see if the jump paragraphs and puzzles meet the quality of the emotional player.

Occasionally you will need to change the level while running and jumping. This is not for athletes suffering from motion sickness.

© Chopin et al. / Hyperstrange

EQI is one of the games that will throw you straight to a tutorial. There you will learn the easy-to-use controls and the main principle of the game in a few steps. Individual positions have a fixed starting and ending point. The latter emerges in a green cloth, which must travel. Your actions are limited to running, running, jumping, and changing position configuration on a pre-defined axis at the push of a button. You can send some surfaces, others will lead to instant play and reset you to the last checkpoint.

There is no real story. EQI sees itself as an audio visual experience, which is sometimes very nice. The levels are colorful and decorative, as well as devoid of any human logic. The path to the goal is sometimes not immediately apparent and is rewarded with aha experience, which contributes to the puzzle factor of the game.

The accuracy required for jump columns is often affected by somewhat fluffy control paired with the selected perspective – indirectly because of the sink. In addition, the game ends relatively quickly. After a good hour, the credits glow on the screen, even though the last level brings many variants into the general design. The title ends when it is so beautiful and intriguing. Too bad.

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Technology does not shine well on Nintendo’s hybrid console. Despite the often rare level design, there are occasional jerks, which are sometimes especially noticeable in conjunction with high game speed and precision play. The soundtrack, on the other hand, is audible and goes efficiently with the visual presentation.