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The switch will be released before Nintendo's next console 2100

The switch will be released before Nintendo’s next console 2100

This should not surprise anyone, but Nintendo will never exit the hardware business. As part of the organization Latest Corporate Management Briefing, The company revealed that it will run on new hardware, and that it will be released by the end of the century – i.e. 2099 or earlier.

A slide confirms that Nintendo’s “next gaming system” will be launched sometime in “20XX”, which means it will be released before the year 2100. Realistically, whatever the system ends, it will definitely be released by the end of the century, but Nintendo is not ready to stick to any dates. You can see the graphic below and note the amusing fact that Nintendo decided to abandon the Wii U altogether – that console sold relatively 13.56 million units. It’s by far the best-selling console on Nintendo, with the exception of Virtual Boy. However, the failure of the system eventually led to the switch, which sold its predecessor within 10 months. This is a very comeback.

As of last week 3DS has been completely discontinued. The system was released in 2011, and the last major title released for the system was 2019’s Personal Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth. The only Nintendo systems still in production are Switch and Switchlight. With Light essentially serving as its dedicated handheld, it has gone without the need for a completely unique format. Let’s see if it stays the same after facing competition from Nintendo Next-Gen Systems.

The switch is higher than it is now 61 million units sold worldwide As of June 30th. The console is gaining momentum, most recently in August, setting a new U.S. record for the highest dollar sales on any console in history.

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Nintendo is expected to release a better switch model in 2021, which will be followed shortly after any console arrives. Nintendo’s console cycle times typically last 5-6 years, but Nintendo believes the switch will be a success longer than that.

In other Nintendo news, the company has reiterated that the Mario movie from Minion’s makers is expected to be released in 2022. The company also works on other non-gaming entertainment extensions of its franchises.

Nintendo has now confirmed that more than 200 million Nintendo accounts have been created worldwide, while the Switch online service now has 26 million members. SNES Classic Donkey Kong Country 2 was recently made part of a list of SNES games available to subscribers.

Major switch titles still coming up in 2020 include Pickmin 3 Deluxe and Hiroole Warriors: Age of Calamity. The system has recently seen the release of Super Mario 3D All-Stars, with many more to come on the Mario Front, with Super Mario 3D World set to be released on this system next February. 3D All-Stars are selling very well. Nintendo also released the Kirby Fighters 2 this week, which surprised everyone. Up to third party titles, Capcom currently contains content. Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2 are both on the way and they look extraordinary.

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