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Epoch Times # 1 in App Downloads in the Newspaper section

Epoch Times # 1 in App Downloads in the Newspaper section

Epoch Times iOS Processor As of November 12, the Apple Store is the number one most downloaded app in the magazine and newspaper segment. We would like to thank all our readers for making this possible.

Readers are deserving and demanding truthful and impartial reporting, we would like to say that we ask you clearly.

Many media outlets have long failed the public. The Epoch Times is an independent media outlet, while other media outlets are quick to call for elections Said It will not announce the winner until all results have been certified and any legal challenges have been resolved.

On November 12, 2020, the Epoch Times iOS app was ranked # 1 in the magazine and newspaper section of the Apple Store. (Screenshot)

Our principles of truthful and impartial reporting are in our DNA. Ever since our organization was founded in the United States by the Chinese-Americans, The Epoch Times has been exposing the Chinese regime’s persecution of the Chinese people, its rejection of the Chinese Communist Party’s agenda, and its exposure to the United States.

We have been covering up the fact and without bias since the day President Donald Trump announced his presidential initiative, while some major media outlets have shown bias against him. We apply the same principles to any candidate running for public office, regardless of party.

Following the truth is never an easy task.

In the United States, our advertisers were threatened by Chinese embassy officials and our newspaper boxes were destroyed. In Hong Kong, one of our presses caught fire. Recently, there have been attacks from our colleagues – and other American media organizations who disagree with our report.

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However, you – we know our readers are always on our side; Our app downloads are increasing, and the amount of positive feedback we receive is enormous. The Epoch Times app has over 1 million downloads on iOS and Android app stores so far, and is one of the most rated apps.

However, the purpose of restoring public confidence in the press is not complete.

We will continue our truthful and impartial reporting and maintain the highest standards of traditional journalism.