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Elon Musk’s new challenge to connect the world with Starling

It’s called Starling, and it’s Elon Musk’s new challenge to be able to connect the entire world to innovative satellites launched into space.

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Elon Musk’s new project, directed and co – ordinated by his company SpaceX A future and very ambitious goal. Able to connect the whole world. Called the project Starling, And its mission is to send the 40,000 satellites they allow into low Earth orbit Connect to any internet connection anywhere on the planet. This is the first time that a company is thankful for the specific constitution of these satellites They are much lighter, Each weighing about 260 kilograms. They will be launched after being sent to the required height by the Falcon 9 rockets. In this innovative project, of course Musk has calculated Possible variables and unexpected events.

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Starling, Elon Musk’s new challenge

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For example, if one of these fails, a system is set up to allow the satellite Can return to Earth without leaving debris Protects the health of our solar system around space. They also have a detection system that allows them to monitor any body traveling in the same direction, so they can collide, thus satellites Can change course and avoid impact.

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The whole project stands at this point Is undergoing beta testing in the United States, In areas considered to be the strategy of success that will be the most ambitious challenge facing the brilliant South African inventor.

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