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Luca Parmitano

“Earth is our only refuge” – Live Unique

Catania-based ESA astronaut Luca Bermidano meets Unicode students during the webinar “Planet Earth and Other Shelters”. His statements.

University of Catania students had the opportunity to participate Meeting Catanian astronaut Luka Permitano, As part of a virtual event in Tiger. Burmitano spoke Theme “Earth and Other Refugees“, Reminded everyone of the need to protect our home, the only home we have, and sometimes, we don’t take into account enough.

Planet Earth is our refuge, where man can and will live only when he is present. We have only one ‘house’ and only one spacecraft, which is our earth “, The astronaut of the European Space Agency (ESA) announced at the end of the seminar on “Planet Earth and Other Refugees”, which took place online yesterday (January 14) at Microsoft teams, part of the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture at the University of Catania. Inspired by the astronaut’s words from Houston in Texas, a webinar pasted on the screen many students and university professors.

The seminar opened prof. Enrico Fotti, Director of the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, and Professor Simona Calvagna, Professor of Architecture and Architecture I and Laboratory del Ticker, who highlighted the transformation and importance of the theme of “refuge” for the students involved in this study, which in the light of the epidemic and the habits of all of us, now increasingly in our homes, a highly-connected space outside, to make it more comfortable We are reviewing.

The ESA astronaut, during his speech, focused. “On the difference between temporary accommodation and long-term accommodation camps ” Highlight “Importance of essential physical space for crews on the International Space Station Complete tests, experiments, physical activity to avoid wasting weight loss in space and space walks“.

“In recent years, a lot of work has been done to create living spaces that are optimal for both environmental conditions, For human physiological skills that take into account the psychological aspect of astronauts – Luca Permitano joins –. At the station, the astronauts had a private space, the only private environment, with common areas at their disposal and smaller than a telephone booth. These are the places where we have to satisfy all the astronauts efficiently and effectively, because they are the only place where we can carve free time, isolate ourselves and work in it “.

Following the ESA astronaut “Many “shelters” such as parachutes have been tested and built over the years in a cottage in the Russian tundra at -10 or in an underground cart environment in Sardinia and Sicily. Humidity 100% or so in the Aquarius underwater laboratory as part of NASA’s Nemo program.

Luca Permitano lived in the closing “On the” Crew Dragon “spacecraft to carry crews from Earth to the International Space Station, it is more convenient for astronauts than ever before and provides systems not only for survival but also for permanence.” Finally, with references to “habitats,” contextsISS like “dome”, places you work and places you can take refuge outside, Or “volume” that largely takes into account the astronaut’s physical well-being..