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cerromaggiore rifiuti multa polizialocale

Dump waste in the woods: போலீ 600 fine imposed by local police in Zero Major

Zero Major –- The first results of the repression of Cerro Magiore on the illegal dumping of waste in the area. In recent days – but today the news was given on Wednesday 15 September – local police officers challenged A citizen living in Zero Illegal dumping of waste from construction activities Ruins and tiles, Made of an isolated piece of wood. The offender was compelled, with the consent of a deputy Clean that area at your own expense And fined with a 600 euro statement; He was not sentenced to a maximum penalty for not having a VAT number.

Perra: “Promote malicious practices”

“As announced a few months ago – the mayor observes, Nucchia Perra – After completion of various related actions Video surveillance and resumption of procedures for new gatesOur local police have initiated a series of procedures to control the territory and forests in relation to substandard practices for dumping illegal waste. Apparently These functions can yield results in the medium term, By legally bringing back citizens who do not pay attention to the rules, and above all by encouraging the malicious practices of continuous abandonment. Satisfied we have already received the first positive results Good cooperation from citizens.

Choices: “Restore Law”

Security Councilor, Alessandro Provini, Did not release further details about the currently protected locations, it is constantly changing, and there is no operating protocol or even the algorithms used so as not to let the bad guys get around them. “Our goal – particular provini – is to reduce these Irregular and harmful practices for public finance and the environment Wooden. This function does not give the first results, but it is very important for the amount of unloaded, two cubic meters of goods and the amount of the fine.

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Cleaning illegal drains every time It will cost the municipality thousands of eurosSo, all of these activities are far from “making money” because some people believe in social media. If anything – he concludes – they are aimed at restoring legitimacy, having ceased to exist in some individuals or have never been.

A group of “sponsored” workers clean the cycle path between Zero and Rescaldina

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