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Dragon Quest Builders 2 - debuts on Xbox today

Dragon Quest Builders 2 – debuts on Xbox today

Square Enix Published Dragon Quest Builders 2 critically acclaimed on Xbox One today1, Windows 10 PC and Xbox Game Pass (PC). For the first time, Xbox players can enjoy story-based building adventure and beautiful characters. Includes Onsen Pack, Modern Pack, Aquarium Pack, Designer Sunglasses, Conventional Hedgehog, Dragon Lord Throne and many more pre-downloadable content for PlayStation 4 and PC (Steam) versions included.

Xbox Play Ubiquitous, Xbox Game Boss only requires a digital version of Dragon Quest Builders 2 or buy Xbox One or Windows 10 to play on Xbox One1 Or run Windows 10 PC with shared progress and shared achievements.

Since its release, Dragon Quest Builders 2 has captured the hearts of more than a million players worldwide, and is the perfect introduction to one of the most popular RPG owners of all time. You can do this adventure alone or online with three friends on Xbox and PC. Players slip into the role of a young construction coach stranded on Awakening Island along with Malroth, a mysterious young man suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Together, the two become “builders” by exploring different islands, developing their skills, helping residents, preparing products, collecting crops with villagers, and defeating enemies.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 USK approved for over 6s, now on Xbox One1Available via Xbox Game Pass on the PlayStation 4 and PC (Steam) and from day one on the cloud, console and PC.

1Dragon Quest Builders 2i Xbox Series X | S.

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