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microsoft edge download differences

Downloading Microsoft Edge with Microsoft Firefox and Chrome is difficult

Many Windows users use the built-in web browser of the operating system to download other browsers to their computer. First it was Internet Explorer, then Classic Edge, now the new Edge used for that purpose. Microsoft is in the process of pushing its new Edge browser to Windows computers, and many systems, for example Windows 10, come without a newer version as soon as they are installed.

Windows users who want to download a new browser, for example after installing Windows on a device, may notice that it is not easy to open. Microsoft Edge Download Page Click the download button displayed on that page.

If the user uses the traditional version of some other browsers, such as Microsoft Edge, Classic Internet Explorer or Opera, it will work as expected.

Users who try to download the new Microsoft Edge browser using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, on the other hand, get a completely different view. The download page displays the “Try Now” button instead of the download button.

The “Try Now” button does not download the trial version of Microsoft Edge. Instead, it’s a link to the classic version of Microsoft Edge on the computer. If you explore the link – Microsoft-Edge: https: // Browser = Chrome – You will immediately see the initial protocol used to open links in the installed Microsoft Edge. Web browser.

The button will only be displayed for the new Microsoft Edge Windows download.

Show an immediate attempt to open the link in the classic version of Microsoft Edge – labeled Microsoft Edge to add confusion – or cancel the request. Cancel will bring you back to the download page and open the link with the “real” download link on the Classic Edge download page.

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Funny fact: If you have already installed the new edge, the link will open on the new edge.

Margin required for Microsoft Edge download

It is unclear why Microsoft made this change. Considering that the company wants to push the new Microsoft Edge web browser on as many devices as possible, it is confusing why this change was implemented as it may prevent some users from completing the download.

Users who want to download the new Microsoft Edge browser can use or go to the browser that supports downloading it. Business Download Page Download it manually. The business download page works well regardless of the browser used to access the page.

The next version of Windows 10, Windows 10 20 H2 or the October 2020 update, includes the new Edge browser by default, so there is no need to download it manually.

Now you: Why do you think the change was implemented? (Via Tectose)


Downloading Microsoft Edge with Microsoft Firefox and Chrome is difficult

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Downloading Microsoft Edge with Microsoft Firefox and Chrome is difficult


Microsoft Firefox or Chrome redirects downloads of the newer Microsoft Edge browser to the Classic Edge browser.


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