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Download the free report of Salesforce Tadorama today

Download the free report of Salesforce Tadorama today

Over the past several decades, a salesperson’s role has been to protect and strengthen a brand’s identity, capture the means to reach the sales team, and act as an employee of the brand. In today’s world, however, marketers are moving from their traditional roles toward a broader mandate that focuses on overall business growth.

Marketers are always accountable to their customers and their business, and under increasing scrutiny of budgets – especially since the COVID-19 epidemic – marketers face a greater responsibility to show return on investment (ROI) for every marketing dollar spent. In this new role, motivating business growth is crucial.

New Marketing Order

With this in mind, the Salesforce has released a free downloadable report entitled “Marketing Intelligence Report Asia-Pacific: Data, Growth and New Marketing Order” to help you understand the new Development Marketing Order.

The report explores how marketers across Asia-Pacific are responding to these current changes, including how they integrate their marketing data to measure impact and downward growth.


The report, conducted in conjunction with The Leading Edge, conducted an online survey of 1,002 marketers with 12 one-on-one quality interviews. Survey respondents include leading decision-making marketers from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and India.

Development marketing barriers

According to the report, ninety-one percent of marketers agree that marketing plays a key role in driver development, and two in five have changed their priorities to focus on marketing-led growth.

Sometimes, growth marketing can create a tension between short-term gains and long-term results. As one marketing director explains: “The ultimate challenge is to demonstrate short-term results and set those long-term results simultaneously. We call this performance and efficiency.”

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The report finds that marketers differ greatly when it comes to the timing of their development marketing strategies. 11 percent focus on the short term, while 54 percent focus more on the long term, which is about building brand equity, loyalty and values. The remaining 35 percent of APAC marketers focus on a combination of the two.

But despite the almost universal recognition that marketing is important for growth, there are still many barriers between marketers and the decisions they have to make. Misalignment in measurement, inefficient use of budget and lack of integrated view of performance are the most pressing barriers.

On average, APAC marketers use 7.4 marketing platforms, each containing a large amount of data that differs in format, distribution methods, and other aspects, making it a serious challenge to compare performance across channels.

Data integration can take considerable time and effort, especially as 71% of marketers at APAC do this somewhat manually. A senior marketing director explained: “A lot of organizations sit idly by, or serve one person and one task. ‘All in one place’ creates technical performance and knowledge performance. ”

This report provides an in-depth look at how marketers in the APAC region respond to this new mandate and integrate their marketing data to measure performance and promote downward growth.

Follow this link and download today.