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Download Smart'Flore for free on Futura

Download Smart’Flore for free on Futura

Smart’Flore is not necessarily a plant identification application PlantNet Where Blossom, Rather a tool for exploring botanical pathways in France, Reunion and certain locations around the world. More importantly, each user can create a “botanical path” and share it with the rest of the community.

Developed by the Tela Botanica Association and supported by many organizations such as Agropolis Foundation, CIRAD, CNRS, INRA and IRD, Smart’Flore is, above all, a free mobile application that provides information about the plants around us. The application interface is in French and has no less than 300 botanical trails in France and fifty in other parts of the world.

Thanks to the geolocation system of your Android smartphone, you can see the botanical paths closest to you and browse through parks and gardens and learn more about the flowers and plants around you.

The application interface is divided into 2 main sections: Botanical Paths and Explorer.

Botanical Paths Section

In this section, the user can view the botanical tracks specified on a map and select one to begin his or her teaching walk. The path is created in the application with specific icons to indicate where to find a plant or flower. Take a good look around you, as panels with QR codes will allow you to view scientific and interesting data about the plant in question.

Note that not all botanical paths are provided with descriptive panels with QR codes. In this case, the application takes care of providing all the information you need. For each plant, a detailed sheet was proposed. In addition to the photo gallery, the user can read the common name, application name, description of the plant and its use, its Wikipedia file, map of observations, race, family, and species. , Gender and a lot of information from verified sources.

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Explorer section

This section is entitled Flora Encyclopedia. Users can consult up to 5 repositories: Flora of France, Flora of Reunion, Flora of the French West Indies, plants of French Guiana and useful plants. The Flor de France repository lists more than 15,000 species. Plants are listed alphabetically and a key search engine is also available.

Sorting and filtering systems are also provided to help identify a plant from its location (via GPS system), its species, and its family.

If you want to create your botanical path and share it with the rest of the community, you must first register on the Tela Botanica website for free and access the Dashboard. From there, you can easily add all the creatures found there by creating a trail and dragging their file. You need to find them to make your way. Users can download and print individual sheets for each species they encounter during the walk and make them available to other visitors.