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Download Montorion AR experience is available, but not on all phones

Download Montorion AR experience is available, but not on all phones

Google, Disney and Lucasfilm have introduced the new The Montalorian AR experience for Android, but the list of compatible phones is very limited.

Google has teamed up with Disney and Lucasfilm to launch the new Mandalorian AR experience on smartphones. Despite the popularity of the show and the reach of apps through the Android operating system, this Star Wars-themed AR experience is only for surprisingly select smartphones.

Mandalorian The first season proved to be a huge success when it launched on Disney +, and in small part, thanks to the popularity of Baby Yoda. Since then, there has been a visit MandalorianTheme with the option to convert the Amazon Echo Smart Speaker to the Baby Yoda version. With the hit show ‘Season 2’ now in full swing, Google has teamed up with Disney and Lucasfilm to make it even more amazing. Mandalorian Experience for smartphone users, through the use of Augmented Reality (AR).

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A Website, Google has confirmed its new ‘introductionMontreal AR experience. ‘Like Google’s other AR experiences, smartphone owners can integrate components Mandalorian Use their own real-world space and a talent ”Discover hidden features associated with the characters”From the Manto world. Currently limited to Season 1, Google says new experiences will be added every week on Mondo Mondays, until October 31, 2021. To get started, fans of the show need to download Dedicated Android app From the Google Play Store. That is, giving them the right phone.

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Very Limited Montessori AR Phone Support

Manto on the phone

As expected with the Android app, The Mandalorian The AR experience is currently only available for download on Android phones. What is less expected, however, is that the actual list of supported phones is surprisingly low. Officially, Google has launched its own 5G Google Pixel models.Select 5G Android Phones. In other words, users need a 5G Android phone to download Mandalorian Use the AR experience, let alone play with any features. To test if a particular 5G Android smartphone is supported, Here is the list.

Naturally, one might assume that this restriction exists because of the experience required by the speed and delay required by 5G, but it is not so. Google explicitly explains that despite having to have a 5G phone to get started, no 5G connection was actually used. Instead, the limit appears to be the result of attempts by Google, Disney and Lucasfilm to showcase “Next generation magnified reality app”It is optimized for use on 5G devices. As 5G phone adoption is still low, this means a lot Mandalorian Fans will not be able to participate in this Google AR experience.

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