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Download Instagram Stories - This Trick Works

Download Instagram Stories – This Trick Works

There is a way you can download and save other people’s Instagram stories. Both videos and photos. We will show you how it works.

Unlike the classic photo and video posts on the feed, Instagram stories are only visible for 24 hours, after which they automatically disappear. Natively, Instagram allows you to share visited stories with friends, but you can not save them and review them later or offline. This is where special download apps and browser extensions come into play, allowing you to download photos and videos from other users’ stories and save them to your mobile phone / computer. Source: Here’s how you can secretly view Instagram stories without a user noticing.

Backup Instagram Stories On Android Phones With This App

If this is the photo in the story, you can always take a screen shot. Along with the videos, you can also start a screen recording, which works on iOS on the iPhone and is now available on many Android phones. However, this is not an elegant solution. With the following steps you can download pure photos and videos without “watermarks” in the form of a profile picture. Note: There are many such download applications for Android, most of which operate on the same policy. Everyone is financing themselves with advertising, click on them if you do not want to.

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  • Download the app from the Google Play Store

    Video Downloader for Instagram – Ahasev
    “.Alternatively, see

    More apps here

  • Sign in to the app with your Instagram account.

  • Open

    Select another user’s favorite story as photo or video.

  • Now tap on the three-point menu, then tap on “Share …”.

  • Now select the “Downloader for Instagram” app.

  • The application now automatically inserts the shared story link in the appropriate field and downloads the story directly.

  • You can view the video / photo from the story in the gallery app in the “Downloader_for_Instagram” album on your smartphone. (Created a folder for videos and photos)

Backup Instagram Stories With iPhone

When Android phones choose from a wide variety of story download apps, it looks trivial in the Apple App Store. There are rewrite apps you can use to download and save Instagram stories, but many cost. An application that allows you to download stories for free

Repost for Instagram
. However, these rewrite applications usually only work with public profiles.

  • Download Repost for Instagram app from the App Store.

  • Open the app, close it, and reopen the app. You can use the re-registration app for free.

  • Open

    Select another user’s favorite story as photo or video.

  • Tap the three-dot menu and then tap “Copy link”.

  • Start the re-registration app now and you will be asked to sign in to your Instagram account later.

  • Whenever you copy a story link and open the recording app, the story content will be displayed immediately under “Active”.

  • Tap the story, then press “Repost”.

  • “Record” automatically saves the photo / video in the Photos app. You can now post the story on Instagram. If you do not need it, tap “X”.

Download the Instagram story on the computer via the browser

In addition to apps, there are also websites where you can download content, which again only works with public profiles. Install Chrome extension to download stories directly from personal Instagram accounts to PC ”

Instagram Downloader
“For the Chrome browser. Then open the Instagram website and login with your login data. The extension will be activated automatically. If you open a story now, a download icon will appear on the top right and the close button” X If you click on it, the photo / video will be downloaded directly to your computer. Is in the folder.

With this browser extension you can also easily save feed posts because the download button also appears here.

Can I Download Instagram Content?

Yes, you can download content from social networks until you use it for personal and commercial use. This is one of the other things

Restricted from emerging from “private 53 reproduction for private and other personal use”.

Please note that you are not permitted to publish third party content without the permission of the author. You may use the Content for personal purposes only.