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We know a lot about the new features of the update

We know a lot about the new features of the update

The next update of Windows 10 will have to come with some new features, especially from Windows 11.

Since the end of June, all eyes Are being converted to Windows 11, The new operating system provided by Microsoft. But the company will not drop Windows 10 Who will continue his life until 2025. An update is being prepared later this year. Windows 21 H2 should be released similar to Windows 11 and have some new features, especially for businesses.

Very “pro” innovations

This is Windows’ latest site that reveals many new features planned for Windows 10 21 H2. If you read the list, it becomes clear Microsoft Focuses on Windows 11, but a few more things to mention.

First, Windows 10 21H2 can detect you with an external Windows Hello camera when the laptop PC and its dock or chassis are closed. Manage Microsoft Certifications D.P.M. For Intel Tiger Lake sites. The most talked about security feature for Windows 11.

For companies, in particular, non-admin users can configure the visual language of Windows 10.

Finally you need to manipulate the Windows 10 21 H2 OpenXPS files. This is an open version of the competing PDF file format proposed by Microsoft, which has not yet been successful.

Some new features derived from Windows 11

The WindowsStudest article does not mention it, but Windows 10 should take many new features from Windows 11.

The new Microsoft Store, for example, we know Is already beginning to prove itself, Will land on Windows 10.

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It will be interesting to see the reactions of Microsoft when users opt out of the new OS. Lack of compatible PCs. The company may decide to add additional changes from Windows 11 to Windows 10 without security restrictions. While waiting for the end of expected support in 2025, this is a great way to deliver a smooth transition from one system to another.