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Download Google Search for free: iOS

Do a Google search for the site It is a life-enhancing application for users to quickly search for information on the Internet. We do not need a browser to launch the Google search engine because it is available as an application. It supports research in writing and thanks to voice technology, it is adequate and it takes care of expectations.

Key Features

  • Search: Thanks to its simple and intuitive graphical interface for using this application. When the application launches, a search box will appear immediately, allowing the user to enter the expected information.
  • Voice Search: Thanks to a new technology recently installed in Google Search, users no longer have to type items into the main interface. Using the voice option, say Do a Google search for the site The information you want to get. Note that the prospecting is done automatically as soon as we are done talking.
  • Display of information: The ability to display essential information in everyday life makes the application very efficient. Daily weather data is comprehensive. Transportation is also supported Do a Google search for the site Not to mention updates on sports and other events.


  • The app is completely free to download.
  • The navigation is smooth and fast.


  • No specific note.
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