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PS4 update: firmware 9.60 available

PS4 update: firmware 9.60 available

There are a lot of updates now on the console page. Sports Station. Earlier in the week, the PS3 and PSVita claimed it, and need not be better, while the PS5 got its own this morning. Necessarily, Only one person left on the list was eligible for changes to its computer software, the PS4.

Many owners of consoles can now download Version 9.60In which The Change It does not make us much better not to change:

This computer software update improves system performance.

Of course, if you notice a slight change, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments of this article.

How to update your console?

  • By connecting his PlayStation 4 to the Internet.
  • Via USB storage media:

  • Create a “PS4” folder on your USB media. In this folder, create the “Update” sub-folder.
  • Download the update file and save it to the “UPDATE” subfolder. Save the file as “PS4UPDATE.PUP”.
  • Turn off the PS4 system completely. Check that the power indicator is not activated. If the Power Indicator is lit in orange, touch the power button on the PS4 system for at least 7 seconds, until the system beeps a second time.
  • Connect USB storage media Contains the update file for your PS4 system, then press the power key for at least 7 seconds. The PS4 system starts in safe mode.
  • Select [Mettre à jour le logiciel système]. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

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