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Download Google Messages (Free) Android

Download Google Messages (Free) Android

Google’s SMS processor, which is standardly installed on millions of Android smartphones, has been plagued by a bug that could drain a mobile phone’s battery if you are not careful. While waiting for the fix, a trick solves the problem.

Google Messages Apps is the default SMS-MMS application on millions of smartphones worldwide. A few brands continue to offer their own messaging app, but Google dominates Android systems. This does not prevent you from being affected by annoying bugs sometimes. Seen two months ago Reddit, The problem does not seem to be fixed yet. Its main drawback: it can drain the battery of the smartphone and at the same time overheat the device. It comes down to using the camera through the app. When you write a message, if you want to attach a photo or video taken at that location, the camera will act to capture the snapshot. However, it will not be turned off even after the message is sent. The problem can be detected by a green dot at the top right of the screen that testifies to the functionality of the smartphone camera.

Messages Processor How to prevent the battery of the smartphone from draining?

The event can be skipped because an update from Google is pending to be used.

► First, you can exit the Messages app after sending your SMS or MMS. Depending on the selected Android interface on your smartphone, drag the open Messages app from the bottom of the screen with your finger swipe up and then the window up.

இருந்தால் If there is a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, press the multitasking icon (usually a Square Where Three vertical lines) Then drag the News application window to the top of the screen.

It does not disconnect the Messages processor running in the background and you can always access it via SMS.

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You can block Google Messages from accessing the camera of the smartphone. To do this, go to Android Settings and go to the section Privacy.

Then select Authorization Manager.

Press now Photo tool Access the list of camera uses.

Search Posts In the list and tap on it.

Now check the box Should not be allowed Then confirm the alert that appears on the screen. SMS application can no longer use the camera. This will not prevent the photo or video in your gallery from being linked to your Missive.

Google News: The queen of SMS applications

Google Messages is a simple, intuitive and customizable application that is installed by default on millions of Abdroid smartphones. It allows you to send text messages (SMS), photos, videos, audio messages or any other file (via MMS) without being too large. Messages fit perfectly into the Android ecosystem by offering Google Dio video calls. The application continues to grow, with detection of spam or attempted fraud, sending or receiving money through Google Pay, suggested responses or sticker replies. In addition, the news is ready for the future. Google has actually integrated the RCS protocol Rich Communication Service) It aims to convert SMS / MMS depending on 4G / 5G and Wifi networks and internet connection. It can work with IP calls, video calls, geolocation sharing, live chat for two or more people and, above all, other messaging services … Network operators, tool publishers instant messaging and telephony players accept this.

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