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Download Gom Mix Max for free on Futura

Download Gom Mix Max for free on Futura

Gom Mix Max is a simplified version, but not the simplest of the Gom Mix offer, video editing software developed by GomLab, for which we owe the popular player. Com player. Gom Mix offers several solutions: Gom Mix Max for Intermediate and Gom Mix Pro for Professionals. So Com Mix Max is an easy to learn solution and allows for quality video editing and editing.

Gom Mix Max is a video editor that provides professional editor functionality while maintaining an easy-to-use interface. Although the software is in English, the various features are very easy to understand. The application window looks like any video editing software: at the bottom of the screen, above the various timelines, files and player selections, and again above the menu bars and D ‘tools.

The Tools menu is located just above the center area. This allows you to navigate to Clip, Effect, Overlay and Transition. The clip allows you to access your files inserted into your project: images, videos, audio files. Effect allows you to add effects to an image, select the effect and drag it to the timeline you want to use. Overlay is used to manage effects when two rows are exaggerated: for example, when the next video row starts before the previous video ends. The transition allows you to apply transition effects between two rows that do not overlap.

Note that in addition to the desktop version of Gom Mix Max, Gom Mix Web is only available for Android, but the iOS version is under construction). Note that Gom Mix Max is only available in English.

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