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Download FPJ's Stability Special

Download FPJ’s Stability Special

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Advances in technology

In this magazine, we showcase innovative new technologies that encourage efforts to make fruit and vegetable production and packaging more sustainable, while at the same time reducing food waste and reducing profit losses.

We highlight the opportunities in hydrogen fuel and rail freight, the latest improvements in standard packaging, improvements in quality control and the supply chain database designed to minimize the need for quick and ambitious action to slow global warming and prevent climate catastrophe. Increase product losses and returns.

However, the fixed supply chains depend on retail support, and the controversy surrounding Aldi’s decision to reduce the price paid to banana growers from next year is a reminder that sustainability does not come cheap. Alistair Smith, International Coordinator of the Banana Link, outlines the impact of Aldi’s 2021 banana contract price on both Ecuadorian farmers and the broad sector.

In an exclusive interview, Christian Mல்லller, longtime chief executive of Global GAP, explains why he believes that sustainable pay and healing the relationship between rural farmers and urban consumers are so important to the future of agriculture.

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We offer an analysis of the Milestone Agriculture Bill, which farmers hope will mark a wonderful new dawn for their industry after Brexit.

In an open debate, AHDP horticulture and disgruntled petitioners set up their stalls ahead of the main ballot on whether to pursue legal taxation in January.

We bring to you a captivating feature about how Covid-19 has driven the unprecedented demand for local products in Wales and promoting a new scope in a fragmented industry.

However, the situation in the seed potato sector is dangerous, which faces a worrying wait for the outcome of the Brexit talks as suppliers increase the impact on key export trade.

In addition, we specify both our new Heroes of Fresh Products, PML and Blue Skies, as well as report from this year’s National Fruit Show Live on progress towards domestic production of figs, olives and citrus.

We hope you enjoy the reading.