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Download and upload speed: Why are they important?

Download and upload speed: Why are they important?

When you unexpectedly experience the horrible “spinning wheel” smack in the middle of the screen, you’re in the middle of your favorite streaming program. You thought you picked up the fastest internet speed. So why is this happening? There are actually two separate speeds that you may not be considering: download speeds and upload speeds.

To help you understand the difference between these two speeds, you can find some information you need to know and what you can do to improve them to get a better internet experience.

What is the difference between download speed and upload speed?

To understand the difference between download and upload speeds, we must first look at how we measure internet speed. It is the speed of data transfer from your computer to your computer or measured in megabits of data that can be converted per second (Mb / s).

Download speed refers to the speed at which data is transferred from the Internet to your computer, upload speed or transfer, and the speed at which data is transferred from your computer to the Internet.

Why is download speed important?

For most people, the vast majority of Internet applications rely on fast download speeds. Downloading speed affects everything from loading web pages and pictures to listening to music, downloading files and streaming videos. Streaming functions, in particular, require faster download speeds.

Without it, you may encounter a lot of buffers, un downloadable images or slow loading web pages.

Why is sending speed important?

Most of us upload very little data on the internet, but some actions require sending data. Sending emails, downloading YouTube content and making live video calls with friends are just a few examples of actions that require good sending speeds.

How to improve download and upload speed?

If you are looking for ways to improve your internet speed, there are many things you can do to ensure you get the best experience.

  • Perform a speed test of your internet connection: Before trying to fix your connection, you need to know what you are dealing with. Run a free internet speed test to get an idea of ​​your download and upload speeds. Then, once you have made some of the suggestions below, run the test again to monitor the changes. You can try it here.
  • Reset your router: To update your Internet connection, you may need to reset your routers from time to time. To do this, turn off the router, wait 30 seconds and then turn it on again. It does not drastically change your internet access speed, but keep in mind that it may help you a little.
  • Clear your cache: When you visit websites, your browser collects information about you and your browsing habits in the form of cookies. Marketers use this information to create ads to suit your interests. However, when your browser stores many of these cookies, your Internet will change slowly. To remove it, you must clear your cache.
  • Try another Internet Service Provider (ISP): If the slow internet is really bothering you, negotiate with your current ISP and see if they can offer you a better deal or change your ISP altogether. If you change providers, you can save a little money. You can try it here.


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