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Download || A six-step action plan to grow your manufacturing business

Six-step plan to increase production output

These white paper machine shops present a repeatable action plan to help evaluate and improve their manufacturing business, while ensuring that their CAT / CAM software and machine tools are as efficient as possible.


This is a six step plan It includes the following strategies, how to use them and why they are important:

1. Where to start

  • Assessing your store’s needs, performance and existing assets.

2. “Post and Go” thinking

  • Post-processors that standardize your processes and interact with your computers ensure that they are optimized for a reliable, efficient machine.

3. Engraving technology

  • Ensuring the technological advancements that may come with a new employee, and ensuring that you have a consistent, continuous cycle of process development.

4. Training as a tool

  • Ensures that your software, hardware and equipments investments are paid quickly by ensuring that workers use them to their full potential.

5. Increase what you have

  • Researching unused or unidentified aspects of your software, hardware and equipment will make your store as intrusive as possible.

6. Evaluate and modify

  • Once on the list, a store should have an annual schedule to review each question, repeat the adjustment and improvement cycle.

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