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Door Browser 10.0.12 brings Firefox site and components up to date

Door Browser 10.0.12 brings Firefox site and components up to date

The anonymous Door browser was also updated shortly after the new version of the Firefox browser and its ESR counter (extended support release) appeared. Version 10.0.12 Available on Linux, MacOS and the desktop version for Windows and Android.

Door Browser 10.0.12 has security updates from the Firefox site and has received various bug fixes depending on the site. Additionally, the developers have updated NoScript to 11.2.2, OpenSSL to 1.1.1j, and Door to

The Door Browser for Desktop is based on the updated Firefox ESR 10.0.12 (version 78.8), with a total of four security slots, three of which have a “high” rating. According to Mozilla, these three vulnerabilities pose a high risk: under certain conditions, they can be used to remotely execute any program code or to read sensitive information.

The new Door Browser version for Android is also based on the current Firefox, more precisely: its Android version 86.1.0. For details on the security holes it fixes, the Door Browser Panel refers you Security Advice for the Custom Firefox Edition 86. A total of 12 vulnerabilities were removed from this, five of which were classified as “high”.

The two holes described in the consultation obviously affect Android systems (CVE-2021-23976 & CVE-2021-23977, “moderate”). Under certain conditions, attackers can use it to read sensitive data or manipulate the browser UI (“User Interface Cheat”).

Users can find the complete changelog Release Notice for Door Browser 10.0.12. You can download the new Door browser version Official download site And from Distribution Directory Downloaded.

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